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Eggshell People with Grass Hair

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Egglette!  A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon with my niece and nephew making egg people from eggs we gathered at the Garden Home Retreat.  We emptied the shells, filled them with soil and seeds and within a few days the Egglettes had a beautiful head of hair to go with their happy faces.

You can create your own Mr. and Mrs. Egglette in just a few easy steps.

Potting Soil
Seeds (Rye grass, radish or bean sprout seeds are good choices because they sprout quickly and easily.)
Permanent Markers
Googly Eyes (Clear plastic eyes with the black disk inside them.  These are available at craft and fabric stores)

Eggshell People Knock out the top portion of the egg and clear out the contents, then gently wash and dry. Take the clean eggshells and pierce the bottoms with an ice pick or needle. This will be your drainage hole. Eggshells are surprisingly strong, so you don't have to be as careful as you might think.

Make a face on the front of the eggshell with permanent markers and the googly eyes.

Fill the eggshell with soil, sow the seeds and lightly water.

Place the Mr. and Mrs. Egglett in an egg cup or what I’ve done is made a little stand with a strip of construction paper that’s covered with wide ribbon.