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Zinnia and Watermelon Bouquet

Zinnia Cut Flower Arrangement in a Watermelon BowlZinnias are one of my favorite summer flowers.  They are so easy to grow.  A single packet of seeds will produce enough blooms to enjoy both in the garden and indoors in cut flower arrangements such as this pink, green and lavender bouquet in a watermelon vase.  The zinnias are pink ‘Enchantress’, ‘Lavender Giant’ and ‘Envy’, which is green to match the stripes of the watermelon.  I think the color mix is dynamite.

You don’t have to grow your own zinnias to duplicate this arrangement.  There always seem to be plenty for sale at farmer’s markets or create a bouquet of your own favorite summer blooms. 

Pick out a melon of your choice. Choose a good looking melon that fits the scale of the table on which it will be displayed.  Look for ones without soft spots or blemishes.