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Garden Views Poll: Rose Survey

I confess, I’m a rose-aholic.  On last count I had over 40 different roses in my garden.  Every rose has its own charm and it’s hard to settle on a favorite.  So I’m putting the task to you. Browse through these photos and then scroll to the bottom of the page to vote on the rose you like best.  

Blushing Knockout Rose
'Blushing Knockout'
Knockout Rose
Zones 4 – 9
China Doll Rose
'China Doll'
Zones 6 – 9
Colette Rose
Large Flowering Climber
Zones 5 – 9
Heritage Rose
David Austin
Zones 5 - 9
Katharina Zeimet Rose
'Katharina Zeimet'
zones 5 – 9
Lady of the Dawn Rose
'Lady of the Dawn'
Shrub Rose
Zones 5 – 9
LaMarque Rose
Climbing Noisette
Zones 7 – 9
Madame Isaac Pereire Rose
'Madame Isaac Pereire'
Zones 6 – 9
Nearly Wild Rose
'Nearly Wild'
Zones 4 – 9
New Dawn Rose
'New Dawn'
Large Flowering Climber,
Zones 5 – 9
Polka Rose
Large Flowering Climber
Zones 5 – 9
Rio Samba Rose
'Rio Samba'
Hybrid Tea
Zones 6 – 10
Sally Holmes Rose
'Sally Holmes'
Shrub Rose
Zones 5 – 9
Sarah van Fleet Rose
'Sarah van Fleet'
Zones 6 – 9
Veilchenblau Rose
Hybrid Multiflora Climber
Zones 5 – 9

Only one vote is allowed per person.  After you vote you will be taken to the results page.