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Marge Says, "Meet My Friends!"

My cat Marge is surpassing me in popularity.  Before I know it she’ll be hosting P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and I’ll be out of a job.

In her column last month she asked her new cyber-friends to send photos.  Here’s a slide show she put together so you could enjoy the photos too.

Many thanks to all my new friends for sending in photos!  What a great response.  I love being able to put a furry face to a name.  I’ve also received quite the eye-opener in terms of some of the luxuries I’m missing out on. Fluffy cats beds?  Chew toys?  My very own bird?  One of my new friends even gets to ride a Harley with her parents.  Since Allen can barely drive a car, I’m not too anxious to put a motorcycle ride on my list of demands.