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Garden To Do List October

At the beginning of October my mid-south, zone 7 garden is still full of blooms but by Halloween it begins its steady decline toward dormancy.  So I start the month in harvest mode and transition into doing a serious fall clean up by the 15th or so.  The to do list is getting shorter, but the tasks seem to require a little more elbow grease.  That’s okay because there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing a garden tidied up for its winter nap.

Here are a few tips to help you get your own garden ready for bed.

Signature Plants

Casper Pumpkin
Camellia sasanqua
Morning Light Miscanthus
'Morning Light'

Good to Know

I garden in zone 7b.  Spring usually starts in March and fall extends through November.  The summers are long and hot.  I write these tips with the idea that they are applicable to all zones during a general period of time. However, given microclimates and weather extremes timing can vary.  Observe the conditions in your garden and apply them accordingly.