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Dried Flower Arrangement

Dried flower arrangements have become very popular, mainly because they last so long. But if you've priced them lately, you know they can be quite expensive, and justifiably so, a lot goes into producing them.

But many of the things that you might find in these arrangements are easy to grow in your garden such as cock's comb, strawflowers, hydrangeas, globe amaranth and even roses

Gather blooms through the growing season and bundle them in small groups with a rubber band, so as the stems dry, the band continues to constrict around them. Then hang the bundles upside to dry in a cool, dark place.

Dried Flower ArrangementWhen you are ready to make your arrangement keep the flowers in bundles to create a stronger visual impact.

Since you don't have to water dried flowers, you can use just about anything for a container. Use a block of floral foam to hold the flowers in place and begin by arranging the tall and spiky plants, placing them in the center of the composition and working out from there. Then select flowers that are round and bold to contrast the spikes. And as you work from the center to the edge of the arrangement, progressively cut the bundles shorter. Now it's just a matter of filling in all of the spaces that are left.

Inserting Stems into Floral Foam Dried flowers are certainly beautiful, but to keep things like ornamental grasses from shattering, just give them a little shot of hair spray. And if you apply the essential oils of herbs, like lavender, on to the petals, your arrangement will have a wonderful aroma.