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Air Purifying Houseplants


I've heard that certain plants are good for purifying the air indoors. Which plants work best for this? Thank you,Carol


With the emphasis on energy efficiency in our homes, clean indoor air has become a health topic of concern. Tightening up our homes to become energy efficient has reduced the air flow exchange between the outside and inside and as a result indoor air quality is suffering. This is one reason why I opted to use green building materials whenever possible at my new Garden Home Retreat. Using products like BioBased soy insulation which contains no formaldehyde, low VOC paints and the LennoxPureAir(tm) Air Purification System can help combat the growing problem of indoor air pollution and provide me with a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

NASA has had to deal with keeping healthy air in the space station and so in conjunction with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, after a 2 year study, they came up with a list of plants known to purify and revitalize the air we breathe by removing key pollutants, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide to name just a couple. Below are some key plants and general care requirements for growing them in your home. I would recommend that you add 15 - 20 good size plants in at least 6 - 8 inch pots for an 1800 - 2000 square foot home.