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Raising Chickens - Why Do It?

There are plenty of good reasons to raise chickens.

Allen Stepping Out of His Mobile Chicken HouseMy fascination with chickens began with a brown Leghorn hen that was running loose in front of an old hotel on main street in my hometown. After much maneuvering and the help of my grandmother, the hen was finally caught and I was determined that I had a new pet. Initially I had to keep her in a cage, but shortly thereafter we moved to a farm where she enjoyed larger accommodations. This is when my addiction to poultry began. Being a curious kid, I was fascinated with all the different breeds and enjoyed raising many kinds. While raising chickens is fun and a great hobby there are also practical reasons why you would want to have them. Fresh eggs is one great tasting reason that comes to mind but more flavorful meat is definitely a consideration as well. Free fertilizer and pest control for your garden is an added bonus; they are great recyclers eating extra or leftover garden and kitchen scraps. If this is your first year to raise chickens I recommend that you start with just a few, all of the same breed. And like my experience with the Leghorn hen you will learn a tremendous amount that will enable to expand your flock in the years to come.