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Planting Bare Root Roses

Gardens are a lot like paintings in that they are a continuous work in progress.  I have a painting in my studio that I put back on the easel every year to rework and touch up just a little until I feel it’s perfect.  I go for a while thinking that it’s finally done until one day I look at it and see how much better it would be with a dab of blue here or a spot of red there. 

This analogy suits not only my own garden, but the gardens of clients as well, which keeps us working together to create that perfect picture.  There are certain gardens that I have had the pleasure of working on for 20 years or more.  The Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is one such garden. 

Recently I decided the landscape needed a splash of pink.  I chose carefree Blushing Pink Knock Out® and Double Pink Knock Out® roses.  These are landscape roses, which means they will bloom all summer without much attention.  We received 230 bare root roses to plant in the parterre garden under vitex trees.  While I was there I took some photos illustrating the steps for planting a bare root rose, which I thought might help with your own artistic expressions this spring.