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Green Space at Subaru Automotive

I don't know about you, but I am pretty pumped up by the way I see the green movement gaining more momentum. It's a really positive step when major corporations are looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  In 2004 the Subaru Automotive in Indiana became the first automotive assembly plant to be zero landfill.  And just around the corner from the factory is a green space that serves as a home for wildlife.

Becky Bright, the environmental group leader at the campus, talked with me about their green space and the wildlife it attracts.

Allen Smith:  Becky, it is quite extraordinary to have so much land around such a large manufacturing plant.

Becky Bright Subaru Automotive Becky Bright, Environmental Group Leader Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. Lafayette, IN:  Yeah, actually we have about 800 acres. Half of it's developed and the rest serves as part of our wildlife habitat.

Allen:  Really. So these cars that I’m seeing swirling around this large pond; this is part of the test track.

Becky:  Yes, it's part of our test track and it gets used daily during our production.

Allen:  So, you've got half of really the property, which is wildlife habitat.

Becky:  And on that we have five retention ponds, which partly serves as storm water run off them, our buildings and parking lots, but also serves as part of the backyard for wildlife habitat.

Allen:  So, backyard. Well, this is quite a backyard.   My heavens, almost 400 acres, but it is such a big facility. So on a cold and rainy day like today, the water comes off the roof of the building and the parking lots into these retention ponds.

Subaru Automotive Becky:  Yes, it does.

Allen:  And that's what brings all of these geese and ducks here.

Becky:  Yes, we have geese, ducks, blue heron, we've actually seen bald eagles, red tail hawks, as well as other animals like coyotes and deer and squirrels, snapping turtles. Almost anything you can imagine.

Allen:  That is really thrilling to have it here so close. Now, the heron is sort of a symbol of this property, isn't it?

Becky:  Yes, and actually in the middle of this pond, we have a blue heron sanctuary.

Allen:  It must be easy for you to get up every day and come to work knowing that you are making a difference in terms of the planet and doing things that make it greener.

Becky:  It is. It's nice. Nice and rewarding. I do enjoy my job.