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Herb Wreath

So often we think of herbs as vegetable garden plants, living among tomatoes and peppers.  This project elevates the stature of the plants by creating a wreath that takes advantage of their beautiful foliage colors and textures. Adorn a wall, door, gate or tabletop with this ring of green. It creates an attractive and fragrant accent to your garden home.

This project calls for a living wreath form. This is a coated wire wreath that has a bottom and a top. In some cases the top will have hooks for snapping it to the bottom, while other types require wiring the two halves together. You can find these forms online or at floral supply stores.

Depending on the size of wreath you find, adjust the number of pots of herbs you’ll need accordingly.  Also go with the herbs you can find.  The idea is to select a variety of colors, leaf size and shapes to make the wreath interesting.


• Living wreath form

• Floral wire (for non-hooking wreath forms)

• Heavy scissors to cut wire (for non-hooking wreath forms)

• Sheet moss, moistened

• Pro-Mix container soil, moistened

• Trailing or prostrate rosemary

• (3) 4-inch pots golden variegated sage

• (3) 4-inch pots Oregano

• (3) 4-inch pots Lime thyme

• (3) 4-inch pots variegated lemon thyme


Place the bottom half of the wire wreath form flat on a table. This will be your container.

Line the container half of the wire wreath form with damp sheet moss. Make sure you cover it well so you don't have any thin areas. Push down on the moss in the center to create a trough.

Fill the trough in the moss with soil.

Place the top of the wreath form into position and hook or wire it to the bottom half.

Slip the plants out of their nursery pots, compress the roots by squeezing them in your hand. Work the plant roots into the moss and soil between the wires.

When all plants are in place you may find that you need to add a little more soil. You can also cover bare spots by poking a little moss here and there between the wires.

Once everything is in place, gently water the plants to eliminate air pockets.

Allow the wreath to dry out a bit and then you can hang it on a door or use it as an accent on an outdoor table.