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Marge Says, "Don't Eat the Mistletoe!"

My cat Marge insists on being able to smell, touch and taste everything I bring in the house and that includes plants I use to decorate for the holidays. I have to be cautious because I don’t want to introduce anything that might make her sick.

Of course if Marge were to tell it, she’d say I’m the one who can’t keep leaves and flowers out of my mouth.  So she has created a list of common holiday plants and their potential side effects if ingested.  And because she wants everyone to be safe, she’s decided to share her list with you too.

I consider myself well educated on plants that are safe for consumption, but I know a few folks who are more inquisitive than wise.  I’ve seen Allen wander around the garden nibbling on everything from rose petals to pansies.

Allen's Cat Marge With the holidays approaching I’m in a panic that I’ll discover Allen passed out on the floor with a mouthful of holly berries and a handful of mistletoe.  So I’ve given him a list of the side effects caused by eating certain greenery and houseplants.  Let’s hope he heeds the advice.

Your four legged and two legged friends might benefit from the list as well.  Most of the plants used for decorating pose only a minor problem, especially if they are kept out of reach of curious hands and paws, but a few should be avoided if there is the chance they will be ingested.

To find out more about poisonous plants for pets visit the ASPCA website at