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Marge Says: Must-Have Books for Pet Lovers

My cat Marge loves a gift. It doesn't matter whether she's giving or receiving, as long as there is one. Some of my favorite offerings from her are animal related books that I can read to remind me of how fabulous it is to share my life with a cat.

Marge thought your four-legged companion (or two-legged) might want to give you something good to read so she's recommending a few books that will put a smile on any animal lovers face.

When it comes to ways to while away the hours, it's hard to beat a good book. I've enjoyed many an afternoon curled up on the couch with Allen while he reads. That's why I make sure there are plenty around. Of course my favorites are about cats. Allen always gives me extra attention when he's reading a book about cats.

Whether you are a chicken, dog, fellow cat or something else I suggest you get your person some books so that you too can snuggle up while they read. Here is a list of a few that are sure to send them straight to the couch and a long afternoon of relaxing.

Book Old Dogs

Fabulous photos and witty biographies of dogs who have reached their golden years.

Book Flawed Dogs

While I'm WAY too young to remember Bloom County, I can still appreciate cartoonist Berkeley Breathed's amusing book about the last chance dogs at the fictitious Piddleton Dog Pound. The artwork is amazing and hilarious.

Book Dewey the Small Town Cat

This is the story of the internationally famous cat Dewey Readmore Books, his life at the Spencer Public Library in Iowa and the life of the librarian who raised him.

Book Dog Joy

Over one hundred pages of smiling, grinning, snickering and laughing dogs. Anecdotes and funny musings accompany the photos.

Book The Complete Cat

A compilation of Cleveland Amory's three books about his cat Polar Bear: The Cat Who Came for Christmas, The Cat and the Curmudgeon, and The Best Cat Ever. It's a poignant and witty look into the relationship between a cat and his cranky owner.

Book All Creatures Great and Small

If your person hasn't read the tales of James Herriot a country veterinarian living in Yorkshire around WWII, well shame on them. This book will keep your person on the couch all day with stories about dealing with people and animals in the English countryside. Mr. Herriot manages to be both thought provoking and hilarious at the same time.

Book All I Need to Know I Learned from my Cat

Pearls of wisdom from a most wise feline. The life lessons are short and sweet and accompanied by hilarious illustrations.