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Lucky Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day

Everyone needs a little luck at times so this St. Patrick's Day give a lucky charm from the garden – the shamrock. As the story goes, St. Patrick planted these all over Ireland as a symbol of the Holy Trinity represented by the three leaflets.

The shamrock I like to grow is not the traditional Trifolium repens, but Oxalis because it comes in some extraordinary colors such as maroon and near black. The Proven Winners® variety Charmed® Wine is an outstanding variety with burgundy foliage and creamy white blooms with just a hint of chartreuse.

Proven Winners Charmed Wine Oxalis

Growing Oxalis as a Houseplant

I like to grow Oxalis in the garden and in outdoor containers, but it's a beautiful houseplant too. Indoors keep the plant in a location with bright, filtered light and low humidity. Keep them consistently moist, but not soggy because wet soil will cause the roots to rot. During the growing season fertilize once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. Oxalis goes into a semi-dormant period in winter so go light on the water and don't fertilize.

Growing Oxalis Outdoors

Whether in a flower bed or a container, oxalis prefers full to partial shade and a soil that is humus rich and moist but well-drained. Keep oxalis consistently watered and fertilize once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. It is a tender perennial that should be moved indoors where temperatures dip below 20°F in winter.

Oxalis Container Garden Recipe

Proven Winners Charmed Wine Oxalis Triple your luck with a trio of containers potted up with Charmed® Wine Oxalis. Place them down the middle of a dining table for rich color indoors then move the pots to the garden to enjoy during summer.


If you like your shamrocks green try Charmed® Jade Oxalis.