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NBC TODAY Show Appearance - Herb Garden

Are you thinking about planting an herb garden? Watch this clip from the April 16, 2010 NBC Today Show to learn my tips on getting started and types of herbs to grow.

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Haven’t decided on an herb garden?  Here are a few reasons to grow herbs.

o    Fresh herbs always available - One of the best reasons to grow your own herbs is having fresh herbs right at your fingertips.
o    Save Money – Fresh herbs can be expensive when you purchase them individually at the grocery store plus, what you want or need may not always be available. After the initial investment of getting your herb garden started, the money you save will be your own.
o    Good For You – Adding fresh herbs to your diet is a great way to boost your meal’s vitamin value, but that isn’t the only health benefit. Gardening is a wonderful form of exercise.
o    Educational – Herb gardening is an educational experience for adults as well as for children.
o    Curb Appeal – Adding an herb garden to your home’s landscape gives your yard real curb appeal. You can even mix them in with your shrubs and flowers if you don’t have room for a formal herb garden. They blend in beautifully.
o    Exciting Dishes- Adding fresh herbs to simple recipes will give your food a little more kick.
o    Easy to Grow – If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, herbs are easy to grow.