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Knock Out® Roses in the Garden

Roses top the list as America's favorite flower for good reasons. Few plants display more beauty, charm and allure. Because I'm not one to fuss over my plants, I prefer hardy, disease-resistant varieties. That's how I fell under the spell of the Knock Out® Family of Roses.

Wisconsin rose enthusiast William Radler worked for years to create a nearly maintenance-free rose. Knock Out® is cold tolerant to zone 5, heat tolerant throughout the United States, reliably resistant to disease, and produces a bevy of blooms that appear every five to six weeks starting in spring and continuing until the first hard frost. How's that for carefree?

Because Knock Out® roses are so floriferous and easy to grow, I encourage you to think of them as a flowering shrub rather than just a rose. This opens up a whole world of garden design applications.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Good to Know:

Growing Knock Out® Roses