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Supertunia® Petunias

For a bounty of summer blooms it's hard to beat Supertunia® Petunias. These are Petunias on steroids with superb flower power and vigorous growth. Say goodbye to the leggy stems and tattered petals typical of traditional varieties because Supertunias® are disease resistant, self-cleaning, and floriferous with sturdy branches. They remain attractive from spring planting until the first frost in fall.

For the best performance, plant Supertunias® in a spot where they will receive full sun. Consistent moisture is also key along with an application of a liquid fertilizer every 5 to 7 days. Petunias are heavy feeders, so this last point is important. In fact, if you are growing them in containers feed them every time you water.

There are 30 varieties of Supertunia® Petunias in a wide assortment of colors. Here are 10 to tempt you.

Supertunia® Petunias Have Super Flower Power