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Update from the One Acre Vegetable Garden

What a storm we had about a month ago! There was wind, rain and worst of all, heavy hail. Many of the plants were shredded to bits; the hosta foliage won't recover at all this year.

Thanks to the storm we've been doing some serious clean up in the One Acre Vegetable Garden. Now in mid-June everything is starting to look better. I was particularly worried about the tomatoes because of the Tale of Two Farms Heirloom Tomato Festival in July, but the plants are reviving quite well. To be on the safe side we planted some extra varieties, bringing the total crop to over 700 plants. The summer squash is coming along nicely although a tad late because it had to be replanted after the storm. This week we are planting beans, winter squash and okra and some heirloom corn called 'Jimmy Red' from Chef Joshua Smith of Roanoke, Va. Joshua will be the guest chef at the Tomato Festival. We hope to save seed from the corn to plant next year.

market vegetable garden We are also planting an heirloom field pea called 'Ozark Razorback' and an heirloom pumpkin called 'Flat Tan' to increase our seed stock. These came from our friends at Blackberry Farms in Knoxville, Tn.

We are still harvesting cabbage and broccoli although this will be the last of the broccoli.

The raspberries and blackberries are ripening and we are collecting those along with fern leaf dill, curled parsley, flat leaf parsley, basil, chives, baby leeks, bunching onions, baby beets, Swiss chard, bunches of garlic bulbs and baby carrots.

Also coming out of the garden are five different kinds of potatoes, one called 'King Harry' for its hairy stems that are supposed to help keep the potato beetle at bay. We are preparing slips for planting from 'Jewell,' 'Centennial' and 'Puerto Rico' sweet potatoes.