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1-2-3 Done!™ A Tomato for Every Recipe

If you plant three types of tomatoes – cherry, paste, and slicing – you'll have the right type of tomato on hand for salads, sandwiches, sauces and canning. All you need are 3 large pots, potting soil, stakes, twine, fertilizer and the tomatoes.

Materials for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Steps for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

  1. Place empty containers in a spot that receives a full day of direct sun and in easy reach of a source of water.
  2. Fill containers with potting soil leaving 1 inch of head room. This space will make it easier to water.
  3. Plant 1 tomato plant per pot. Plant deep; bury 80 percent of the tomato for the best root development.
  4. Insert 3 bamboo stakes in each pot so they surround the tomato. Tie the tops together with twine. Wind the twine around the stakes to create a teepee trellis.
  5. Water the plants well. Click here to learn about caring for tomatoes.

Determinate Tomato Varieties

Determinate Cherry Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes in Containers with Bamboo Stakes

Determinate Paste Tomato Varieties

Determinate Slicing Tomato Varieties

* Determinate tomatoes stay compact and produce an abundance of fruit for a determined period of time. They are great for containers because they don't grow as tall as indeterminate tomatoes.