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P. Allen Smith Collections

P. Allen Smith CollectionsFrom edibles and annuals to garden décor and fresh holiday greenery, there’s something for everyone.

08.17.2010 – Garden designer and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith today launched his new product lines at the Independent Garden Centers Show at Chicago’s Navy Pier. This is the first time that Smith will offer his own products direct to retailers and consumers. Seven lines focusing on gardening and home décor products were unveiled to more than 1,000 attendees at the IGC show:

• P. Allen Smith’s Platinum Collection of annuals and perennials from Proven Winners
• P. Allen Smith Edibles from the Berry Family of Nurseries, beginning with six varieties of blueberries available Spring 2011
• P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection, holiday wreathes and greenery from the Berry Family of Nurseries
• P. Allen Smith Garden Home Structures from Yardistry
• P. Allen Smith Garden Home Collection of unique, eco-friendly hanging baskets from Good Earth Manufacturing
• P. Allen Smith Garden Home Recipe Card Decks, including new versions for Bulbs, Roses, and Herbs & Veggies, along with the original Container Gardens Deck, now in its sixth printing
• P. Allen Smith’s Garden Favorites, expanded bulb collection from Van Bloem Gardens after the launch of successful test markets in 2010

“We are absolutely thrilled to be launching our new product lines. These are things for the garden and home that I use in my own projects at the Garden Home Retreat,” Smith said. “These lines are things that I know will bring much joy to gardeners all across the world.”

“We are listening to our audience, and they are telling us they want more of Allen’s advice and thoughts on everything from planting roses to cooking with items from the garden to entertaining,” said Mimi San Pedro, chief operating and marketing officer for Hortus Ltd., the multimedia marketing company that oversees the P. Allen Smith brand. “These new products are a way for us to extend Allen’s brand beyond solely the garden and help consumers create their own garden home lifestyle.”

Product Partnership Details:

Annuals and Perennials from Proven Winners
P. Allen Smith’s Platinum Collection from Proven Winners will feature new additions to the line in Spring 2011. This is the next phase of a successful five-year partnership with Proven Winners. Smith selects and uses his favorite varieties throughout his books, TV shows, magazines articles and social media content. “Proven Winners is a world leader in genetics, and it’s been an honor to be associated with them for more than five years,” Smith said. Learn more.

Garden Favorite Bulbs from Van Bloem Gardens
Smith’s Garden Favorites Bulb Collection from Van Bloem Gardens is comprised of Allen’s favorite “head turning” combos for Spring and Fall planting. The bulbs are offered in rustic “brown bag” packaging and a custom wooden shipper for an attractive garden center presentation. Smith works with Van Bloem to demystify bulb gardening and make the process easy for consumers. Learn more.

Edibles from the Berry Family of Nurseries
Blueberries will be the first in the P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection, with other plants and seeds to soon follow. This collection will feature six varieties of blueberries grown by the Berry Family of Nurseries. Whether planted in the landscape or in containers, the P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection of blueberries promises beautiful foliage and delicious fruit.

“Many people don’t instantly think of blueberries when they think of their landscape, but they’re truly a wonderful addition, offering gorgeous flowers and unique foliage, in addition to the tasty, healthy fruit!” Smith said. “Blueberries are often praised for their health benefits, from memory retention and lowering the risk factors of some cancers to clearing arteries and strengthening blood vessels.”

The P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection of blueberries features six varieties – three that perform best in northern climates and three that thrive in southern climates. And because blueberries require cross-pollination to produce the best yields, the variety combinations have been chosen to ensure maximum results in the landscape and in the garden. Available in two-pack sets, the northern selection includes Duke, Bluecrop and Jersey varieties, and the southern trio includes O’Neil, Sunshine Blue and Misty Blue varieties.

Holiday Greenery from the Berry Family of Nurseries
The P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection greenery is harvested by the Berry Family of Nurseries from the Cascade Mountains of western Oregon. The collection features hand-selected Noble Fir boughs hand-tied into wreaths, mantelpieces, centerpieces and other decorative items. Available in five uniquely different looks designed by Smith, the collection is sure to fill the home with fragrance and beauty throughout the season.

“I wanted to offer people who love decorating for the holidays a way to bring fresh greenery into their home and add their personal design touches,” Smith said. “The wreaths, mantelpieces and centerpieces can all be used as is or as part of someone’s unique décor. Of the five design lines, there’s a style that will appeal to everyone.” Learn more.

Garden Structures from Yardistry
The new P. Allen Smith Structures collection features screens, structures and decorative elements for the garden. The collection is in partnership with Yardistry, a Canadian company that produces building component systems for do-it-yourselfers. This modular system allows for the creation of hundreds of designs with only 15 basic components. The Structures collection also includes two kits, one to create an arbor and the other to design a pergola.

The P. Allen Smith Structures collection is made of a wood-based product made from exterior grade cedar and finished with a water-based stain for lasting enjoyment. The “Click & Lock Technology” is an easy-to-use connection system that allows homeowners to build screens, fences, benches, sitting spaces and more for the garden.

“The P. Allen Smith Structures collection is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I am in awe of how simple it is to use this connection system to create beautiful areas for outdoor living – whether you want a shady bench or an entertaining space,” Smith said. “We’re offering a variety of screens to create private areas, entryways to add a bit of magic to your outdoor area and sitting areas for enjoying your garden.” Learn more.

Hanging Baskets from Good Earth Manufacturing
The new P. Allen Smith Garden Collection features unique hanging structures produced by Good Earth Manufacturing in Little Rock, Ark. The structures are made of 100 percent recycled aluminum and powder coated in designer colors and are designed to fit most 10-inch containers. The eye-catching designs are a unique way to showcase a favorite foliage plant, such as a fern or arrowhead, or seasonal perennial combinations, and will only be available through independent garden centers.

“I love beauty in the garden and surrounding the home,” Smith said. “These structures are a perfect way to add a touch of class and beauty, in an easy way, to the garden area. What I think I love most about this line is that it’s truly a green product. Good Earth Manufacturing purchases scrap aluminum from recyclers to make the hanging structures, offering a beautiful, yet eco-friendly, product.” Learn more.

Garden Recipe Card Decks
P. Allen Smith fans can also look forward to a new round of card decks over the next few months, featuring recipes for beautiful gardening arrangements. P. Allen Smith’s Bulb Garden features Smith’s favorites bulbs that have proven to be great performers time and again in his gardens, plus planting tips and creative ideas. P. Allen Smith’s Herb & Veggie Garden guides users through creating their own herb and vegetable gardens at home, and includes some of Smith’s favorite recipes for a complete garden-to-table experience. P. Allen Smith’s Rose Garden showcases Smith’s favorite roses for the landscape, containers, bouquets and more, as well as growing tips, creative arrangements and more.

“Our first card deck on container gardens was extremely popular, and consumers have been telling us they want more easy-to-do projects that create a statement for any space,” Smith said. “Each of the new decks will include 35 cards, plus an hour-long DVD to help guide readers through the planting and arranging process.”

The P. Allen Smith branded products will be available through independent garden centers throughout the country beginning in early September. Consumers can also purchase the new P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection and Smith’s Garden Recipe Card Decks on the new beginning in early September.

“We have many more ideas in the works and are excited to continue to provide our audience with products that bring them closer to Allen and his garden home lifestyle,” San Pedro said.” In late December, the first P. Allen Smith cookbook will be available, and we’ll continue to offer readers and viewers the opportunity to experience the Garden Home Retreat first-hand through tours and high-profile culinary events.”