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1-2-3 Done! Go Green, Save Green

A classic combination that I like to grow is rosemary and roses. They are good bedfellows in both flower beds and container gardens.

To grow these garden friends, or any plants successfully, you have to start with good soil. I find that if I use a good organic soil mix from the get go I save time and money later. You could say I go green to save green!

1-2-3 Done! Go Green, Save Green Video

Creating a good soil recipe isn't difficult. Here is a recipe that I use. Blend these elements together:

You can also fertilizer your plants later on with fish emulsion or a composted tea.

I've taken a very organic approach to my soil recipe. I also like to do this with the plants I choose. That's why I love that Bonnie Plants offers plants in a biodegradable pot. As gardeners we use about 320 million pounds of plastic pots every year. By using biodegradable pots we really cut down on waster materials going to the landfill.