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Buckets of Daffodils

With over 175,000 planted at the Garden Home Retreat, it's hard to hide the fact that I love daffodils. My affection is especially apparent in early March when the first waves of blooms appear.

This project allows you to enjoy a full season of daffodils on a smaller scale. Plus they are portable so you can bring spring with you wherever you go.

Materials for Planting Buckets of Daffodils

How to Plant Buckets of Daffodils

Punching holes in the bottom of the buckets Planting the bulbs Grouping of daffodil buckets
  1. Start by adding drainage to the buckets. Using a hammer and nail, punch holes in the bottom of the bucket.

  2. Fill the buckets with soil, about three-quarters full.

  3. Place the bulbs, pointed end up, in the bucket and cover with soil.

  4. Daffodils need a period of chilling before they will bloom. Keep the buckets outdoors for approximately 15 weeks. If it gets seriously cold in your area they will benefit from some protection. Cover with leaves or mulch or place in an unheated storage area.

  5. Check the soil periodically and water if dry.

  6. When shoots begin to emerge move the buckets to a bright, cool location.