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Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs

A garden, be it small or grand, is like having a u-pick florist shop right outside the door. We gardeners are always snipping stems of this or that to bring indoors. Unless you live in a warm climate this luxury runs dry in winter when the selection is reduced to bare stems and evergreens. But there is a solution. Pots of forced bulbs bring the garden indoors when it's freezing outside. Especially the giant blooms of amaryllis.

Amaryllis After Care

Once your amaryllis finishes flowering, just cut off the stalk but leave the foliage. The foliage will help reinvigorate the bulb so you will have plenty of blooms next year. During the non-blooming part of its life I just treat it like an ordinary houseplant. And then in mid-October I cut back the foliage, put it in a dark place and stop watering. And about a month later I bring it out, begin watering and put it in full sun and presto, I have a whole new generation of flowers.