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1-2-3 Done! Raised Bed Rewards

1-2-3 Done! - Raised Bed Rewards

If you know me you know I love the idea of raised beds, not only do they make gardening easier, they can add the element of structure. At my urban garden I created a pattern with 4 square beds and 4 triangle beds so my vegetable garden is not only practical itís attractive too.

Benefits of Framed Beds

There are lots of ways to create framed beds. I took the approach to do multiple small beds, but a friend of mine, Sidney Phelps with Bonnie Plants opted for a much larger bed. Hereís what he had to say about it.

Sidney Phelps with Bonnie Plants

Sidney Phelps: I built my 8' x 24' garden with 5 landscape timbers on the front side and 6 on the backside because I wanted it to be perfectly level. I built this to last. I used landscape timbers and I used rebar to have a solid support. On the top of it I've put an untreated 2" x 4" board.

I've got compost, manure, different types of soil blended together so I have a nice mix. Iíve got a really good commercial grade groundcover to keep weeds from coming up.

For irrigation, underneath my ground cover I've laid soaker hoses. Itís easy for me to maintain. I can just grab my water hose, hook it here. It's easy because everything is contained in one.

I have everything spaced out properly at 18- to 24-inches apart. By the time this early spring crop is over with I will harvest about between 250 and 300 pounds of fresh produce. That means not having to go to the grocery store, it's right here in this raised bed. I'll be able to plant and harvest this two or three more times this year.