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1-2-3 Done! Go Green to Save Green

1-2-3 Done! - Go Green Save Green

To go green in my vegetable garden I use Bonnie Plants potted in their exclusive biodegradable pots that are made from natural and recycled materials. The neat thing about them is you can plant the pots with the plant! This reduces transplant shock and there are no nursery containers to throw away. Using biodegradable pots will help eliminate some of the 320 million pounds of plastic that gardeners will send to landfills this year. They've already dramatically reduced energy and petroleum required in the manufacture of plastic pots. That's incredible!

I also like to use organic soil and fertilizer. For the soil I combine one part organic garden soil, one part compost, and one part builder's sand.

Synthetic fertilizers actually leach out of the soil faster than organic ones so they have to be applied often. In place of synthetic fertilizers I use soft rock phosphate, green sand and cotton seed meal applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And once a month I feed my plants with fish emulsion or a compost tea.