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Give an Orchid as a Holiday Gift

Orchids are one of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays. I like giving something that with just a little nurturing will reward the recipient with blooms. For my non-gardening friends it's a gentle nudge toward the trowel. Even the ones who can't grow a cactus can care for an orchid because they are so easy.

I like to gift wrap the orchids to make them special for the holidays. Here's an idea that's easy to put together. You can make an assembly line and wrap a bunch of orchids to pass out to all your friends.


Directions for Gift Wrapping an Orchid

  1. Remove original stakes and replace with winter twigs. I buy these at a craft store and you can certainly gather them from the garden.
  2. Tie a bow, silver balls and a gift tag to a floral stick and insert into the pot. Be careful not to spear the roots.
  3. A cinnamon stick gives the gift a holiday scent.
  4. And you're done! One perk of giving orchids is that they are nice to have around the house before sending them off to their permanent home.