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Drift Roses for Small Spaces

When your garden is limited in size, plant selection is always a challenge. Because space is at a premium you donít want to waste even an inch on plants that donít deliver. I have 3 requirements for small space selections Ė manageable size, low maintenance and a showy appearance for more than one season. One group of shrubs that meet all those criteria is Drift® Roses.

Drift® Roses are especially suited for small gardens because they have a low, spreading habit that reaches 18 to 24 inches tall and 24 to 36 inches wide. The collection includes 7 varieties, from the luxurious Red Drift® to the pure white petals of Icy Drift®.

Drift Roses for Small Gardens

Of course, Drift® Roses also meet the other conditions required for being small garden worthy. They bloom from spring through frost giving the gardener 3 seasons of interest and have attractive glossy foliage. And one of the best reasons to recommend them is they are virtually maintenance–free. These tough roses are disease resistant and cold hardy to zone 4. The only care required is 6 hours of light, consistent moisture and an application of rose fertilizer after each bloom cycle. Even pruning is easy. Simply cut the shrub back to 4–inches in early spring.

Drift® Roses are versatile too. Use them to edge a path, spill over a wall or as an under planting for a small tree. Because they bloom steadily from spring through fall Drift® Roses are good companions to perennials. When the perennials are between bloom cycles the Drift® Roses will take up the slack with lots of colorful flowers.

In my estimation Drift® Roses have all the characteristics necessary to earn a spot in a small garden – a compact habit, easy care and show stopping color from spring through fall.