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Pine Straw Mulch

At the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm we have a lot of bed space, which means we need a lot of mulch. This can be a big expense so I selected an inexpensive material with staying power pine straw. Pine straw is also easy to apply and has a tidy appearance. From a design perspective the mahogany color provides a nice backdrop where the focus is on the plants not the mulch.

Another plus for pine straw is it is a renewable resource that can be harvested without sacrificing the tree.

At the Garden Home we use pine straw everywhere. While it will make the soil pH slightly acidic, pine straw can be used universally, even on plants that prefer neutral or alkaline soil. It's in all the flower beds and around the roses and spring flowering bulbs. It's is a life saver on slopes and other areas where erosion is an issue.

Like traditional mulches pine straw is applied in spring after the last frost date and in fall after the ground freezes. It weaves together making a long lasting yet it's loose enough that moisture and nutrients can reach the soil and the soil can still breathe.

We apply pine straw directly on top of old mulch to create a 3 or 4 inch thick layer.

Gardeners have so many chores in spring and fall it just makes sense to select a mulching material that's easy to apply and looks good. That's why we use pine straw mulch at the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm.