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Roasted Baby Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes

Yummy baby bell peppers are bite-sized treats that you'll want to eat straight from the garden. They are nearly seedless and so sweet you'll find it hard to believe you are eating a pepper. They are great for small spaces and containers and a fun way to engage kids in gardening. Plant them with cherry tomatoes such as 'Husky Cherry Red' or 'Sweet 100' and you'll have the ingredients you need for this recipe.

Yummy Peppers Wait a week or two after the last frost to plant peppers. Space plants 18 inches apart, depending on the variety. Some are bigger than others. The plant tag will tell you. Give them full sun, well-drained soil and consistent moisture. Mix a 3- to 5-inch layer of compost into each planting hole, as a generous amount of organic matter helps the soil retain moisture, and moist soil is crucial for good pepper production. For basic feeding, also use a timed-release granular fertilizer in the ground at planting time.

Cherry Tomatoes Set tomato plants out after the last spring frost when the soil has warmed and night temperatures stay above 50° F. Prepare the ground by loosening the soil and adding 3- to 4-inches of compost or other organic matter. In pots, use a premium potting mix, not bagged garden soil. Plant deeply by burying two-thirds of the plant; roots sprout from the buried stem to make the plant stronger. Water well and mulch. Use a stake, cage or trellis to support the plant as it grows. This keeps it off the ground, which is very important to help prevent disease.

Use a timed-release formula in the ground at planting time for basic feeding.

Roasted Baby Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes



Roasted Yummy Peppers and Cherry TomatoesTo prepare peppers slice them in half and scoop out any seeds. Wash and pat dry.

Mix the goat cheese with the herbs, salt and pepper.

Stuff the peppers with the goat cheese.

Place the stuffed peppers and tomatoes in a baking dish and drizzle with olive oil. Roast in a pre-heated 450°F oven for 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven, transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with almonds, golden raisins and capers.