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Party Themed Orchids

Having a house warming party, baby shower or birthday party? Wow your guests at your next get-together by creating a unique arrangement with orchids! Get creative and slip potted orchids into fun and unexpected vessels like cookie jars or punch bowls, or re-pot your orchids in colorful containers that match your theme! For an extra-special finishing touch, invite guests to take home an orchid at the end of the night as a party favor!

Baby Shower Orchid This arrangement is simple. Just tie a baby rattle to a floral pick and insert into the orchid pot.

Birthday Party Orchid This pink and white polka dot cookie jar is perfect for a birthday party. Newspaper balled up in the bottom of the container elevates the potted orchids so that they sit at the right height in the deep container.

Candy Orchid Peanut M&Ms add color to this arrangement. I covered the bottom of the glass container with candy. Slipped the potted orchid into a plastic sandwich bag and placed it on top of the candy. Next I filled in the rest of the glass container with M&Ms to conceal the orchid pot.

House Warming Orchid Use this arrangement for a house warming or supper club. Wrap two pot holders around the orchid pot and secure with raffia. Insert wooden cooking utensils into the potting medium taking care not to hurt the plant roots.