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Accent Entries with Lilies

Asiatic Lilies in ContainersLilies provide an easy to grow, colorful addition to my garden and I can’t think of a flower more suited for placing along a path or at an entry point. They greet guests with big blossoms, bold colors, and in some cases wonderful fragrance. By choosing a combination of early, mid season and late blooming cultivars I can have lilies in flower for most of the summer. Lilies will come back year after year for up to 20 years, multiply rapidly, survive with minimal care and live through the coldest winters.

There are 9 different horticultural divisions of lilies. Some of my favorites are:

Lilies make themselves right at home in containers too. For your front porch pot up a variety that is tolerant of light shade such as the one of Martagons or Orientals.

Lilies like to have their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade. The hotter the weather, the quicker the flowers fade so light shade during the middle of the summer will help the blossoms stay prettier longer. A good, well draining yet moist soil is needed. Plant the bulbs about 3 – 5 inches deep depending in the size of the bulbs.