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Garden Style: Fall Gardening

Broadcasting the week of 10-08-12
In this episode of P. Allen Smith Gardens features a fun Halloween orchid arrangement, a delicious apple cake and a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Plus see what we've been up to around the office with a visit to the staff vegetable garden and Caleb's rose walk is in full bloom.

Features in this Episode

Proven Winners® Sweet Caroline Light Green Ipomea
The light green sweet potato Sweet Caroline is a great addition to combination planters because they have a trailing habit that sometimes can overwhelm less vigorous plants. See, I've planted them alone in containers and placed them next to several others. This beautiful chartreuse-colored plant is also exceptional as an annual ground cover. The shape and color of this fabulous plant will add a new dimension to any garden.

Paperwhites and Rye Grass
Give forced spring bulbs a garden look with a sprinkling of rye grass seeds. Sow seeds over the soil just as the foliage begins to emerge. Watch the video.

Halloween Orchid
Create this spooky orchid arrangement for your next Halloween party. Read more.

Caleb's Garden
Check in on the progress of Caleb as he does fall clean up, plants pansies and red 'Cardinal' tulips. Watch the video.

Allen's Mailbox: Office Vegetable Gardens
Nicole in Virginia asks about setting up a garden for her office. It just so happens that the people in my office have a vegetable garden. It's a great place to get some fresh air during the day and the homegrown veggies aren't too bad either.

Garden to Table: Kent's Killer Apple Cake
This recipe is included in my cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. It came from my dear friend Kent who was one of my college classmates. See how it's prepared.

People and Places:

Denver Botanic Gardens offer unique green spaces for residents and visitors right in the middle of a busy urban setting. Brian Vogt gives us a tour of the gardens, which are designed around the ideas of sustainability, relevance, transformation, diversity.