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Design Tips from the Rose Garden

The rose is one of my favorite flowering shrubs. There's just nothing like them to give a garden charm and beauty. That's why I decided to create an entire garden dedicated to roses.

The entrance to the garden is marked with hand forged wrought iron gates. I actually found the bonnet for the gate years ago at a flea market and hired a local craftsman to design the gates around it. Just beyond the gates an oval shaped garden is circled by a double row of Live Oak trees. Brick garden houses punctuate the eastern and western ends of the garden. Then on axis with the entry gates, across the oval lawn, a third octagonal garden house is home to an antique statue of a Roman goddess. Over time I'll add some more statuary and some urns. I want to give the garden a really old fashioned feel.

The rose collection is a combination of Noisette varieties from the 19th century and modern varieties from the Knock Out® Family of Roses and Drift® Roses.

This is a pretty large area, but some of the principles I applied to designing and also planting roses apply to any garden no matter the size.

Here are a few design tips you may want to consider.

Rose Garden at the Garden Home Retreat