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Marge Says, "February is Pet Dental Month"

My cat Marge left me a note about February being pet dental month. Of course, Marge being Marge, it was more of a lecture than a reminder. Here's what she wrote to me.

My how time flies. It's already February and you know what that means. You DO know what that means don't you? It's pet dental care month. A month dedicated to MY pearly whites. And gums too.

Now look mister, don't shrug this off. It's just as important for me to have a healthy mouth as it is you. Bad dental care can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and even heart and kidney problems. Besides taking me to the vet (shudder) for annual checkups you should begin a teeth cleaning routine for me. That's right. Brush my teeth. I'd do it myself but I don't have thumbs.

Allen's Cat Marge Gives Pet Dental Care Advice Get into a habit of regular tooth brushing and evaluation of my mouth. It would have been nice if you had started this when I was a kitten so I could get used to it, but you know hindsight and all that. Since I'm older, you'll just have to start with baby steps until I get the hang of it.

Don't use one of your old toothbrushes or go to the store and buy a people toothbrush. I need my own pet-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. You can get these at the vet or online. Don't skimp! People toothpaste is not safe for me.

The first step is to brush my teeth without the toothpaste just so I can get accustomed to the brush. After a few times of just brushing my teeth you can add a small amount of toothpaste. Now, there's no need to go crazy. Just focus on cleaning the outside of the teeth since the inner surfaces of the teeth are harder to reach plus salvia keeps this area clean naturally.

I, like you, also benefit from professional cleanings. During my annual exam the vet will look at my teeth and alert you if I need a cleaning.

So Allen. You know what happens when you don't brush your teeth; don't you think it might be wise for you to brush my teeth too?