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GrowBox™ Self-watering Container Review

One of the joys of gardening is trying out something new. I love to test new methods, plants and products. Because I'm partial to containers I'm always interested in ways to make the practice easy. Over the past year we've been trialing a variety of containers including hay bales, vertical gardens and self-watering planters.

The self-watering planter we've been testing is called the GrowBox™ from The Garden Patch. They are a Garden Home Partner and sent us several to test out. Here's the low down on what we discovered.

How the GrowBox™ Works

The Garden Patch Grow Box AssemblyThe GrowBox™ is a two piece planter made of UV treated plastic, which means it won't degrade in the sun. The top portion of the planter is for soil and it snaps onto a bottom piece that is the water reservoir. It also comes with a "nutrient patch" that is tubes of nutrients adhered to a piece of fabric. The fabric lies on top of the soil and slowly releases fertilizer. There are four holes in the corners for support stakes if you are growing peas or the like.

The Garden Patch Grow Box InstructionsThere are 2 indentions in the top box that bring a bit of soil in contact with the water so moisture wicks up to the plant roots. The "nutrient patch" feeds the plants over the growing season. Gardeners are left with the tasks of keeping the reservoir filled, managing pests and harvesting.

GrowBox™ Size

First of all it's a great size. At 28" long 14" wide and 12" deep it's just right for vegetables or flowers. It holds 38 quarts of potting soil. We were surprised at the quantity of flowers and produce you can plant in one.

What You Can Plant in a GrowBox™

The Garden Patch Grow Box ReviewThe "nutrient patch" for the top of the soil is printed with a planting diagram that shows you how far apart to space plants. Here is a sample of the many things you can plant in a GrowBox™.

2 Plants Per GrowBox™ 6 Plants per GrowBox™ The Garden Patch Grow Box 8 Plants per GrowBox ™ 10 Plants per GrowBox™