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Creating a Water Feature

An important feature of a well-designed garden is a focal point. It can be a statue, a willow bench, a colorful flowering tree or an inviting architectural element like a gazebo or a rose or vine arbor. Something with strong visual interest can become the exclamation mark among the flowers and foliage. I like to add a focal point that infuses the garden with personality. Water does that for me.

Water features add an element of tranquility to a garden. The soothing sound of water bubbling instantly adds a relaxing ambiance to my garden. It's also a place where wildlife will come to take a morning drink where I can watch them from a distance while sipping my coffee.

Here's an easy way to make your own oasis of calm in the backyard...

Laguna Indoor Outdoor Water FountainJust float in some water lilies and other aquatics, then plant around your edges to finish off your new backyard getaway-from-it-all!