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Getting Ready for Guests

I always enjoy having houseguests in my home, and it's the little things that seem to make their stay so special. If you're having house guests, remember these tricks for making their visit as comfortable as can be.

First of all, they'll need a place to sleep, so a guest bedroom or repurposed bedroom will do the trick. Some of the things that I try to have in place when they arrive are the essentials- for instance, there needs to be a place to store their bags. I make sure there is plenty of room as well as nice hangers for my guests to hang up some of their clothes, and it's a nice touch if there are drawers for them to place their shirts or other garments they might want laid out. Then of course there are plenty of extra towels and blankets that are conveniently located but hidden from constant sight- the closet comes in handy.

Now let's talk about the bathroom. What I try to do is make sure I have extra toiletries around- I always forget my toothpaste, a razor, or something like that, so I try to make sure I have some of the essentials in the medicine cabinet or in a basket in the bathroom. And along with that, I like to have a few things that stimulate the senses. For example, I like a few cut flowers- I'm not talking about big bouquets, but just a simple vase with a single flower in it. It just adds so much to a room. Then there are house plants, they just have a way of making the room feel so bright and fresh, and they also help freshen the air. I don't know about you, but when I come into a room with a wonderful aroma, it just makes me feel really relaxed so I liked to have a candle burning or have some kind of potpourri, both can add a very restful feeling to a room.

When it comes to the bed itself, I really recommend a quality mattresses and sheets with a high thread count. And next to the bed I like to place a newspaper or a recent periodical as well as a pitcher of water, some glasses, and some fruit! Your guests may have come from far away, dinner may be a couple of hours away, so it's a nice idea to have a little something for them to nibble on. And don't forget about light bulbs! You want to make sure they're all operational and for these reading lights, I love having a dimmer switch so my guests can have the light intensity they want when reading in bed.

No matter how elaborate you get, just remember that it's the little details that will really make your guest feel at home.