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Planting Roses in Fall

Daffodils and tulips aren't the only spring bloomers you can plant in fall; it's also a great time to plant roses. The season's cool, moist weather is ideal for new plants to get settled in and develop a strong root system. With an extra season to get established your roses will be one step ahead in the game come springtime.

When to Plant Roses in Fall

It's important to note that bare root roses are planted exclusively in spring. You can plant roses in containers in fall up until 3 or 4 weeks before the first hard freeze in your area. This will give plants time to get established before the ground freezes.

Drift Roses

Planting Roses

Select a spot in the garden with full sun and well-drained soil. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the nursery container. Mix the garden soil with compost and mound some in the bottom of the planting hole. Add an all-purpose, organic fertilizer according to package directions. Remove your rose from its container and gently loosen the roots with your fingers. Place the rose in the planting hole with its soil level even with that of the flowerbed.

Planting Roses in FallBack fill the planting hole with the soil and compost mix. Water in and add more soil if needed. Top with mulch, making sure to keep it 1 inch or so away from the rose trunk.

Keep your rose consistently moist right up to the first hard freeze. It's best to water deep every several days at the base of the plant rather than frequently with a sprinkler or other overhead water source.

What to Feed Fall Planted Roses

The all-purpose fertilizer you add to the planting hole should be sufficient to get your rose off to a good start. Choose a fertilizer with a low nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium rating (NKP) and plenty of microorganism to feed the roots. Avoid fertilizers with a high nitrogen content, which will encourage a lot of new growth that will get zapped by freezing temperatures.

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Jobe's Organic Rose and Flower FertilizerAt the Moss Mountain Farm Garden Home we use Jobe's Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer. It's 100% organic, has a low NKP rating and includes their Biozome®, a trifecta of microorganism that quickly breaks down materials into nutrients for plants to absorb fast enough for your fall planted roses to see the benefits.

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