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Garden Style: Exploring Saint Louis

broadcasting the week of 09/17/12

P. Allen Smith travels to St. Louis to bring you the best the city has to offer. He starts out in the City Garden where a fantastic display awaits. Then it's off to Schlafly Bottleworks to learn more about a sudsy beverage the city is known for. He also visits Union Station to see the amazing design and craft that went into the creation of this historic building.

Union Station

Union Station in Saint Louis was built in 1894 at the cost of 6.5 million dollars and modeled after the French medieval city Carcassone. Allen tours this historic train station admiring the beautiful adornments and architectural details.

Also Featured in this Episode

Schlafly Bottleworks is a restaurant and brewery and they've got a great vegetable garden. Chef Matt Bessler sautÚs a bunch of Swiss chard with bacon, pecans and golden raisins. Get the recipe.

People and Places

City Garden in Saint Louis, Missouri. All of the trees are native Missouri trees including the ginkgo, which fossils indicate was grew in the region millions of years ago. Sue Chaires is the City Garden caretaker and she explains how the layout of the garden mimics the geography of Saint Louis.

Allen gets the 411 on beer brewing from Dan Kopman, co-founder of Schlafly Bottleworks.