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How to Solve Garden Problems with Plants

When you have problem areas in your garden, plants can often provide a simple solution.

Problem One Runoff and Heavy Foot Traffic

If you have a spot that suffers from heavy foot traffic or runoff, try a nice ground cover like winter creeper. They're easy to grow and maintain.

Problem Two - Screening to Block Views or Privacy

Another great problem-solver is a hedge. Evergreen hedges like a needlepoint holly can provide a natural way to screen an unsightly area in your yard (or your neighbor's) year round. I also like to create privacy "veils" with deciduous shrubs that will offer a peek in and out of the garden.

Problem Three - Limited Space

Even if your biggest obstacle is lack of space, there are shrubs that are designed to stay compact such as the tall and skinny 'Sky Pencil' holly, dwarf 'Top Hat' blueberry or for fragrance try dwarf gardenias. When looking for small space shrubs think beyond size. To maximize the area choose varieties that are interesting in more than one season.

So the next time you're wondering what to do in those areas that need a little help, give plants a try.