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Hassle-Free Holiday Decorating Ideas

Fresh-cut greenery is a hassle-free way to bring the look and fragrance of the holidays into your home. Kindling the Christmas spirit can be as simple as hanging garlands or setting out an arrangement of evergreen boughs. Or how about using wreaths indoors as well as outside?

Here are a few nontraditional ways that you can use fresh-cut greenery around your home.

Fresh Greenery Baskets

If you donít have time or space to deck the halls, consider an arrangement of decorated greenery. The fragrance and ornaments will usher in the season without any effort. Itís a thoughtful hostess gift or a present for people who donít have the ability to set up a tree. P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Lodge" Greenery Basket
Evergreen Wreaths Work as Centerpieces
Need a quick centerpiece? A wreath is a good solution. Place a wreath on a table and decorate with fruit, ornaments or whatever suits for your fancy. To finish the arrangement place candles in hurricane lanterns, a bowl of fruit or a greenery bouquet in the center of the wreath. P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Williamsburg" Greenery Basket and Wreath
Using Apples in Your Holiday Decorating
You canít go overboard with greenery at the front door. The sharp, piney scent on a cold winter day will put your guests in a celebratory mood even before they cross the threshold. In this example the wreath and garland are accented with wire urns filled with apples and pine boughs.P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Chocolate and Spice" Wreath
Embellish Evergreen Garland with Personal Touches
Traditional pine garland gets some personality with the addition of magnolia leaves, painted gourds and silver ornaments. To make decorating easy attach the embellishments with floral wire after the garland is secured to the banister.
Decorating Banisters for the Holidays
A quick way to give your stairway holiday style is to hang wreaths on the banister. P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Classic" Snowflake
Ideas for Decorating the Kitchen During the Holidays
The kitchen is often the most popular room in the house between Thanksgiving and New Yearís Day. With so much time spent in this space itís worth the effort to deck it out in holiday finery. Look for a place to hang a wreath or set up a small tree.P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Lodge" Snowflake
Using Wreaths Indoors
Interior doors want to be dressed up for Christmas too! Use the blank space provided by a door for a holiday accent such as a wreath.P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection "Lodge" Wreath