State of Drought

Keeping your garden green is hard work any time of the year, but especially when we're dealing with a drought as severe as the one Arkansas is seeing. This week on the P. Allen Smith Show we're talking about the drought, its effects, and how the state of Arkansas is dealing with it.

Today I'm joined by a whole crew of drought-related experts. I'll speak with Joe Fox from the Arkansas Forestry Commission about local volunteer firefighters and the federal "Firewise" program. I'll also chat with Mike Borengasser, a state climatologist, about surface and ground water, water resource management, and the drought taskforce COCORAHS. In keeping with the theme, John Lewis, a meteorologist and senior forecaster, will join me to discuss drought history and why an early spring, below average rainfall, and record heat have combined into a powerful trio. And we'll close things out with a discussion on the local impact of this drought - Jody Hardin, co-founder & manager of Argenta Market & Former President of the Arkansas Farmer's Market Association will share how the farmer's market is being impacted, but also how the grass and hay shortage are affecting livestock in the area.

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