Governor’s Mansion

rebroadcast from May 19, 2012

First Lady Ginger Beebe gives us a tour of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion.

Listen in as a I speak with First Lady Ginger Beebe about the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. We'll talk about the rose and herb gardens and how visitors can tour the Mansion. One of the First Lady's passions is helping kids develop healthy eating habits. She'll share some tips and a veggie chip recipe.

Show Topics:
    • First Lady Ginger Beebe – Ginger exemplifies volunteerism. In addition to her role as Arkansas's First Lady she is involved with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Advisory Board for Women and Children First, the Women's Foundation of Arkansas, Arkansas Discovery Network, the Art Advisory Committee for the Psychiatric Research Institute, and the Creative Economy Panel. Some of the issues close to her heart include healthy eating habits for children, advocating for the homeless and the arts.

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