Farmers for the Future

It’s a known fact that you can’t feed the growing world population without farmers. But there are many questions being asked today about who will actually be able to take on the job a few decades from now.

With the help of Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Moss Mountain Farm recently hosted an educational event entitled “Soybean University.” Inviting 50 of the brightest 4-H and FFA students in the state, we held an educational and interactive day of activities around soybeans and soy-based products. We took an in-depth look into one of the largest growing industries in the world and the future farmers who will be leading the charge.

Show Topics:
  • Homemade soy milk, farm life
  • Zach Taylor: AR Department of Agriculture
  • Rhonda Carroll: Soybean Farmer’s Wife
  • Ben Thrash: AR Soybean Fellowship Recipient

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