Busy Bees

rebroadcast from July 28, 2012

Honeybees are absolutely invaluable to farms and gardens... and I've decided to raise some myself!

This episode of the P. Allen Smith Radio Show is dedicated to the busiest bees, honeybees. First I'll speak with Larry Kichler, President of the Central Arkansas Beekeepers Association. He's been keeping bees for many years and has some great insight into the benefit of bees to a garden as well as our health, urban vs. rural beekeeping, and some honey and bee products that you can't live without. Then, I'll be joined by Mark Stoll, apiary manager of the Arkansas State Plant Board to discuss the exciting development of bees on my farm. He'll share information on colony collapse disorder and how this year's drought is affecting hives, and we'll wrap things up by discussing the nitty gritty- earning state approval, getting a plant board's inspection, and the history of the honeybee in America. Don't miss out, this show will be as sweet as honey!

Show Topics:
  • Honeybees, beekeeping

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