Season's Greetings from P. Allen Smith

Twas the night before Christmas at Moss Mountain Farm

  • By David Koon
  • Twas the night before Christmas, and all over the farm
    The animals were resting, curled up and warm.
    Now Santa's not known, to ducks, dogs and sheep
    So all they had wished for, was a long, restful sleep.
  • The chickens were roosting, dreaming of corn
    Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, and White Leghorns.
    In the field, Moose was dozing, more often than not
    Clearing his mind, of his deep donkey thoughts.
  • The ducks were all sleeping, the geese and swans too.
    All snug in their down, the day's swimming through.
    And I in the farmhouse, in a bright, cozy nook
    Had just settled in, with hot tea and a book.
  • When outside the house, a car horn was sounded.
    I went to the window, then stood there astounded
    There on the driveway, though I asked: is it real?
    Was a cherry red 'Vette, with St. Nick at the wheel.
  • "My sleigh's in the shop," said Santa quite quick
    "Borrowed the wife's, it's got quite a kick?"
    "What brings you here, Santa? This is an odd twist.
    I was worried I wound up, on your naughty list."
  • "Oh ho ho No, Allen, You've been rather nice.
    I'm sure of that fact. I checked my list twice.
    A bit bossy, perhaps, but I'll let that one go.
    You've done plenty this year, to help others grow."
  • "It's the animals I'm here for. Gifts for the whole lot!
    They've all been so good, when others have not."
    With no further chat, he set right to work
    Pulling his bag, from the trunk with a jerk.
  • This bag was magic! That much was clear
    He thrust in his hand, and presents appeared.
    For Smudge, a new Frisbee! For Squeak: a red ball!
    For the turkeys: reprieves, from being stuffed in the fall.
  • For Amos the rooster, new argyle socks!
    Didn't see that one coming, but he'll like them a lot.
    Trudy the horse, got a fat sack of grain
    The ducks: tiny sweaters, to stay warm when it rains.
  • To every farm creature, from the big to the small
    The right gift was given, to bring joy to all
    And when he was done, St. Nick turned to me
    "And now here's YOUR present, for under the tree."
  • From his bag he withdrew, a bright ribboned gift.
    I shook it a bit, and felt something shift!
    "No peeking Allen! You'll just have to sweat.
    Don't Open 'til Christmas and it's not Christmas yet."
  • With that, Santa turned, and walked to his ride
    Dropped in his bag, and settled inside.
    "Goodnight to you Allen" , Santa said, and then grinned
    "Be a good boy, 'til it's Christmas again."
  • Then he fired up his sleigh, and was soon lost from sight
    Red hat in the breeze, more stops on this night.
    And I heard him exclaim, as he vanished from view.
    "Merry Christmas to the animals, And also to you!"
  • And Merry Christmas to you, friends, May the season bring joy,
    Lots of sweet dishes, and maybe a toy.
    Happy New Year as well, May yours pass without harm.
    All our best wishes, from Moss Mountain Farm.

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