P. Allen Smith's Garden Style Season 14 Episode Descriptions

FTG 1417 “Natural Solutions”

When everyday problems arise, P. Allen Smith has the solutions, naturally. In this episode of Garden Style, Allen delves into finding eco-friendly ways to clean your home and protect your plants. Find out more about how plants can provide the perfect solution for unsightly areas around your yard. And meet a little lady who works wonders in your garden.

FTG 1220 “Beat the Heat”  

It sure is hot outside! Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith puts together an herbal tea garden, educates us on heat tolerant plants and gives us tips to protect Knock Out Roses under hot conditions. He also visits the Chicago Botanic Gardens, answers a viewer question and prepares a Mint Tea with Mint Ice Cubes that's sure to cool things down.

FTG 1209 “Veggie Ready”

This episode of P. Allen Smith Gardens will help you get ready to grow some of your own fresh veggies. Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith will visit the Bonnie Plant farm, demonstrate how to plant onions, and share a recipe for a fantastic frittata.

FTG 1215 “Small Space”

Not everyone has a large farm and garden to work with so Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith shows us how to utilize small spaces for gardening. In the middle of Chicago, we visit The Trump Towers where a delightful roof top garden is planted and the creator tells us all about it. Allen is using a garden ornament as a container for phlox and planting enough lettuce for one. Allen also visits with an expert on structures for the garden, answers a viewer question and prepares a wonderful recipe.

FTG 1301 “Garden Style 101”

In Garden Style 101, P. Allen Smith shares some of the items that have become staples in his garden, kitchen and home. He then demonstrates some fun ways to put them to use. He gets things started with seeds. Then, it’s into the kitchen where Allen prepares a yummy chilled couscous salad. Plus, he answers a fundamental question posed by one of his Facebook fans.

FTG 1302 “Exploring St. Louis”

P. Allen Smith travels to St. Louis to bring you the best the city has to offer. He starts out in the City Garden where a fantastic display awaits. Then it’s off to Schlafly Bottleworks to learn more about a sudsy beverage the city is known for. He also visits Union Station to see the amazing design and craft that went into the creation of this historic building.

FTG1413 “Living Large”

Invite your extended family and friends over to see what P. Allen Smith has in store, because this Garden Style is all about getting the most out of your large living situation. You’ll find a creative outdoor entertainment area to extend your living space, and learn to make a place that’s all your own to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Allen also takes you to the garden for a productive plant that’ll save you big money at the grocery store.

FTG1407 “What If It Rains?”

Rain, rain, go away – or don’t. In this episode of Garden Style, P. Allen Smith brings you farm chic ideas to enjoy even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Find out how to make your bedroom even snugglier or try out an asparagus pistachio soup that’ll help you cozy up in a downpour. Allen will also get to work on some great indoor projects to help you make the most of a rain delay.

FTG1415 “Rustic and Refined”

Create a farm chic home and garden by taking elements from nature and using them in a timeless way. In this episode, P. Allen Smith searches out all things rustic and refined, to show you how to create your own Garden Style for every season. Repurpose paint cans as garden planters in the Spring, and prepare a delicious meal using a traditional game bird in the Fall. Find out how to add a little of the outdoors inside your home using cut flowers in the Summer and fresh greenery in the Winter.

FTG1409 “Fall Harvest”

When the garden is filled with a bounty of veggies, and the weather begins to cool off, it’s time for Fall Harvest. Some come along for the ride as P. Allen Smith discovers all this season has to offer. Learn how to prepare a black walnut pie that will have your friends and family coming back for more. And visit a fun city in Arkansas where fall is a time for celebration. It’s an abundance of farm living in this episode of Garden Style.

FTG 1303 “Giving Many Thanks”

Thanksgiving is the holiday for sharing and enjoying the bounty of the fall. In this episode, Allen and friends celebrate this traditional holiday in fun and interesting ways. He’ll show you how to prepare a small-scale celebration that will help you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your guests. And, you’ll learn how to grow a fall decorating staple – gourds!

FTG1414 “I Just Love It!”

P. Allen Smith brings you everything he loves for this episode of Garden Style. Learn more about his passion for poultry, and how you can develop your own backyard flock. Allen also shows you why he’s so into organic gardening, and how easy it is to get started at home. And take a trip with him to one of his favorite locales in his home state of Arkansas!

FTG 1304 “Holidays at the Garden Home Retreat”

Get ready for the holidays in true Garden Style with P. Allen Smith at Moss Mountain Farm. Allen will show you some winter gardening projects that you won’t want to miss. Then he’ll warm things up with a cozy s’mores bar. And, he’ll show you some great ways to decorate for the holidays using lovely greenery in fun ways!

FTG 1305 “It’s Better to Give”

P. Allen Smith shares easy ideas for gifts with Garden Style. From the garden, he’ll show you how to put together a lovely bulb container. From the kitchen, he’ll prepare some edible gifts that can’t be beat. And from the home, Allen will walk through some artful ways to give from the heart.

FTG 1206 “Indoor Gardens”

We all know Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith is pretty handy in the garden but what about indoors? He shows us how to assemble a beautiful table arrangement has a friend in from New York to talk slip covers and prepares a mouthwatering Citrus Honey Cheesecake. Allen will also give us tips for starting seeds indoors and suggests a few herbs for beginning gardeners to start with

FTG 1317 “Connect with Connecticut”

P. Allen Smith heads to New England for this episode. He’ll grow, cook and design with some new connections in Connecticut. And you won’t want to miss Allen’s visit to the Mark Twain House & Museum where he’ll find out all there is to know about this extraordinary writer.

FTG 1216 “Entertaining”

Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to entertaining guests. He’ll share with us a few ways to decorate a table with tomatoes and grapevine plus a table decorated using strawberries. And don’t let those strawberries go to waste; Allen will also prepare refreshing strawberry lemonade.

FTG 1307 “Art for All”

P. Allen Smith takes you through some of the great ways art is incorporated into Garden Style. From sculptures in the garden, to a fun themed museum, you’re sure to enjoy all the beauty that’s in store for this episode. Allen will show you how colors, textures and imagination can be found on your table as well!

FTG 1308 “Problem Meet Solution”

Everyone has one or two things in their life they wish could be better. And in this episode, P. Allen Smith goes through some simple solutions to those pesky problems. In the garden, you’ll learn how to resolve runoff issues. Then in the kitchen, there are some quick fixes you can easily implement at home. And later in the show, it’s all about lighting and how to use it to your advantage.

FTG 1318 “History in the Making”

In this episode, P. Allen Smith brings you Garden Style that’s shaped by history. He’ll visit the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic plants to show you some history straight from the garden. Then in the kitchen, you’ll discover some time-tested cooking methods. And later a view from the top in one of history’s most notable buildings!

FTG 1214 “Critters”

Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith has his hands full in this episode, he’s preparing a fun hummingbird feeder out of a glass bottle and planting an amazing butterfly herb garden. We’ll also visit a butterfly festival and Allen identifies a few rose pests. Allen will also answer a viewer question on fire ants and he’ll hop over to the kitchen to make a refreshing fresh peach drink.

FTG1401 “Fundamentals”

A fabulous farm chic lifestyle begins with a great foundation. And in this episode of Garden Style, P. Allen Smith shows you how easy it is to get started. Head outside to learn about the structural plants that are the basis for a well-designed garden. Inside the home, Allen explores new ideas on flooring and paint to create the perfect canvas for a beautiful bedroom. Then, it’s into the kitchen to find out how to make the 5 sauces that started it all.

FTG1403 “Give It a Try”

Finding your own Garden Style comes from trying new things, and figuring out what works for you. P. Allen Smith brings you a plethora of creative ideas to test out in this episode. He’ll cook up some tasty mushroom meat with The Chubby Vegetarian, and show you how to create an alternative to a traditional floral bouquet. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the newest ideas and products for the garden that you’ll want to try for yourself.

FTG1404 “Roots Run Deep”

Garden Style goes back to its roots in this episode as P. Allen Smith delves into the heritage behind farm chic living. You’ll see how design inspiration from the past is still relevant today, and try a new twist on traditional Dutch oven cooking. Whether it’s planting heirlooms in the garden or raising heritage poultry, Allen searches out all the best ways to continue a legacy of living well.

FTG1408 “Spring Planting”

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so get started developing your own Garden Style with P. Allen Smith. In this episode, Allen explores all the preparation and growth that Spring brings with it. Learn more about what other gardeners to get ready for the season, and how to get your beds ready with simple soil amending. Also in this episode, Allen talks with designer Tobi Fairley about creating an outdoor living space that really takes advantage of the nice weather. 

FTG 1212 “Spring Color”

In an effort to showcase the beauty of the season, Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith takes a trip to Chicago where amazing landscaping is putting on a show in the middle of the city. Allen will also put together a colorful container arrangement, tell us about some vibrant vegetables and show us how to use hedge trimmers. He also answers a viewer question and prepares a tasty poached egg and spinach salad.

FTG 1210 “Spring Fever”

Spring is here and the fun has started! Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith is ready to get the growing season underway! Allen shows us some examples of a few salad ready vegetables he has in the garden and we take a look at a new project at the farm, the rose garden. Allen is also on the prowl for pests and he prepares a wonderful Red Cabbage with apples recipe.

FTG 1316 “Going Green”

With Eco-friendly design tips and tasty recipes prepared with some green veggies, P. Allen Smith takes you into the world where everything’s green. He’ll visit the garden at 18 Broadway in Kansas City to see how they’ve taken the idea of a community garden to a whole different level. And, you’ll learn to make some creative candles with soy!

FTG 1314 “Fowl Play”

It’s time to take a look at our fun feathered friends in this episode. P. Allen Smith shows you how you can incorporate chickens and other fowl into your own Garden Style. He’ll prepare some delicious dishes using poultry and take you to some of his favorite backyard chicken coops.

FTG 1211 “Edibles”

This show is geared around food and Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith shares some of his favorites from the garden. Allen first visits the Peterson Victory Garden in Chicago to get a little background information on this amazing project. Allen also puts together a beautiful hanging basket with herbs and gives us a tour of the new orchard at the farm. Plus, he’ll answer a viewer question about grapes and prepare a bold arugula salad with baby beets.

FTG 1207 “Playful Pets”

Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith loves animals and loves to make them happy! This time of the year, it’s hard for birds to get the food they need so Allen prepares an easy bird seed wreath that will attract all kinds of winged friends to the garden. Plus, with a little snow on the ground, Allen tells us about the beautiful Silverlace Wyandotte Chickens he’s raising. He’ll also visit with an expert on black turkeys and answer a viewer question about baby chickens. Allen will also prepare a delicious treat for his dogs and cat.

FTG 1208 “Gardening with Kids”

Kids learning how to work in the garden is a beautiful thing. Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith is a big believer on getting kids in the garden. A great place for kids to experience Mother Nature is The Daffodil Festival in South Arkansas. Clara Freeland is an expert on daffodils and she gives us a brief history lesson on where they originated. Allen also shows us a fun and easy sunflower project and tells us what kids can do to decorated a container for orchids. And, the Duggars from “19 Kids and Counting” are visiting the farm where Allen gives them a tour and the kids plant their own vegetable garden. He’ll also answer a viewer question and prepare a wonderful kid friendly recipe.

FTG 1309 “In Full Bloom”

Spring is just around the corner and that means gardens everywhere will be popping with fabulous foliage and beautiful blooms. P. Allen Smith will show you some great ways to use materials gathered in the garden both inside and out. He’ll share a fun recipe using edible flowers as well! Their fragrance, beauty and taste will delight your senses and inspire your Garden Style.

FTG 1310 “Latest and Greatest”

P. Allen Smith takes you on a tour of up-and-coming trends for the home and garden. Whether it’s helpful hints from top chefs around the country or design tips from friends of the farm, you’re sure to find new ways to develop your own Garden Style. We’ll also visit a popular spot you can find in almost any city – the community garden!

FTG1418 “Weekend Warrior”

Get empowered to make the most out of 48 hours in this episode of Garden Style. The creative juices are flowing as P. Allen Smith brings you farm chic ways to make over your entire back yard, or just a simple piece of furniture. And for people with no time to spare, a recipe that can really streamline dinners for the week!

FTG1419 “Coming Up Roses”

Garden Style brings you life through rose-colored glasses in this episode. Tour the Moss Mountain Farm Rose Garden with P. Allen Smith and learn how to integrate these fragrant flowers into your own life. And, rosarian Mike Shoup shows you how to identify antique roses that you might have growing at home. Also, a rosewater drink recipe from Regina Charboneau that’s guaranteed to impress your guests.

FTG1402 “Finishing Touches”

P. Allen Smith gets down to the details in this episode of Garden Style. It’s all about putting polish on things in the home and in the garden. Tobi Fairley talks with Allen about using accessories to pull a room together. And outside, learn how to use annuals and containers to give your garden a more refined style. Also in this episode, an infused simple syrup that takes your favorite drinks and desserts to the next level.

FTG1416 “Giving Back”

We’ve all heard it’s better to give than receive. So come along with P. Allen Smith to learn about some special ways people around the country are doing their part, and find out how you can get involved. Garden Style visits The Field where they’re taking a farm fresh approach to helping the homeless. And see what Heifer International is doing to take “teaching a man to fish” to a whole new level.

FTG 1312 “It’s All About Kids”

P. Allen Smith shares with you some great ways to get your little ones started in the garden. For this episode, it’s off to a children’s garden and a children’s farmstead to see some of the fun things for kids to do in true farm fashion. And, an awesome project to get them involved in beautifying their world!

FTG 1313 “Chicago”

There’s so much to discover in each new city that P. Allen Smith visits, and Chicago is no exception. Come along to experience one of the Windy City’s fantastic garden spaces at the Garfield Park Conservatory. And while we’re there, learn where exactly it is that sugar comes from. Then it’s into the skies to see how the spectacular view of a loft apartment is incorporated into various aspects of its design.

FTG 1217 “Fun in the Sun”

It’s the middle of summer and there are colorful blooms everywhere! Gardening Expert P. Allen Smith shows us a few summer flowers that are edible, discusses cannas and answers a viewer question about shade plants. Plus, we visit the Argenta District in North Little Rock Arkansas to view the amazing colorful roses that are in bloom. And while on a trip to Oregon, Chef Carrie Wong shows Allen how to prepare this wonderful blueberry crostada.

FTG 1315 “Herbology”

P. Allen Smith explores the special world of herbs in this episode. He’ll start in the garden with a citrus container that can’t be beat! Then he’ll show you how to use a unique herb, pineapple sage, to make a delicious dessert. And an herb-inspired tablescape will have you wanting to call a friend over for tea!

FTG1406 “Radiate Sunshine”

As any gardener knows, the warm rays of the sun are crucial to life on the farm. So look to the skies as P. Allen Smith shows you great ways to grow, cook and design your world with influence provided by biggest celestial body around. In this episode of Garden Style, you’ll learn how to brighten up a room, and find some plants that are built to withstand the heat. Also, try out Regina Charboneau’s Stuffed French Toast recipe that’ll have your family up with the sun.

FTG1405 “Southern Hospitality”

What makes a house a home is the warmth of a soulful welcome. Join in the fun with P. Allen Smith as he studies the art of southern hospitality in this episode of Garden Style. Try out some staples of a Dixie kitchen and learn how to create that big-front-porch feel even with limited space. Allen will also show you how to bring the style of the South to your own backyard with some traditional trees and shrubs

FTG1410 “History is Served”

We can learn so much about our lives today by studying the past. P. Allen Smith does just that in this episode with a step back in time in Colonial Williamsburg. Allen explores all of the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of 18th century living. From a visit to the apothecary to a tour of a local farmhouse, you’ll get to see what life was like back then, and how much of it mirrors life today.

FTG1412 “Mini Me”

P. Allen Smith shows you how to get big Garden Style even in smaller portions. If you have a tiny garden, a little apartment or want some ideas on cooking for one, Allen has got you covered! In this episode, learn more about growing edibles in containers, and head to New York City for design tips for small spaces.

FTG1411 “Fresh Start & Young at Heart”

P. Allen Smith proves you’re never too young, or too old to start growing in this episode of Garden Style. Learn how to get your kids started with seed starting, and get the low down on a 2-ingredient pizza dough that’s tasty and healthy. You’ll also want to check out the next level of raised beds that make gardening accessible to everyone.

FTG 1311”Everyday Escapes”

It’s easy to let everyday stress get to us. So learn how to unwind with P. Allen Smith. He’ll visit Circle Yoga Shala to learn some beneficial stretches for gardeners. Then, learn to prepare a tasty tomato bread salad to enjoy with friends and family. And, Garden Style takes to the trails as Allen bikes around Pinnacle Mountain.

FTG 1319 “Just Add Water”

Water is the fundamental building block of life, and it’s also the foundation for this episode. P. Allen Smith starts things off in Chicago where he learns how an aquarium is doing their part to preserve this natural resource. You’ll also see some new ways to use water in the kitchen. Then Kansas City brings us a magnificent water display. And later in the show, Allen will give you some ideas on adding water to your own landscape design.

FTG1420 “Personal Touch”

P. Allen Smith knows there’s nothing more special than something made by hand, so this Garden Style is focused on the craft of creation. After this episode, you can serve your friends homemade focaccia or give the gift of photography. And, learn simple ways to make household items that you use every day.

FTG 1320 “Getting the Blues”

P. Allen Smith brings you everything blue for this episode. Out in the garden, he’ll show you how to use color blocking in an azure hue to get maximum impact. And you’ll learn to make a blue cocktail you’ll want to share with your friends. Even the table gets a blue overhaul when Allen’s involved. And we’ll visit a place known for its bluesy background.

FTG 1306 “On the Road in Kansas City”

P. Allen Smith goes on the road to Kansas City, MO – the city of fountains! He visits the fantastic Kauffman Memorial Garden, and oasis in the midst of a bustling city. Kansas City is also known for its meats, so we’ll also visit a charcuterie to learn more about this unique culinary art form.