Fall Garden Clean Up Tips

It is time for fall clean up.  Here are a few ideas on how you can make your tasks a little easier this year.

Fall is one of those seasons that always slips up on me, I can't believe it is already here. That's why I asked viewers what their best garden clean up tips are. We got a huge response and I bet you can guess, raking up all of those leaves was right at the top. Now what to do with those leaves is another thing.

Some suggested to simply rake the leaves into flower beds as they add protection from winter temperatures and over time they'll break down and add humus to the soil. What's even better is if you can grind up those leaves, they make a beautiful mulch in the flower bed.

I have a letter from a viewer in California who writes, "I turn the soil over and mix in the ground leaves. I put straw over the area and this stops weeds from coming through and the flowers flourish through the winter."

Now when you choose a tool or a rake, I like something that is going to gather up lots of leaves, but at the same time be gentle on my plants.That's why I like tools curved tines.

When it comes to pruners I've used a lot over the years and what I like is a pruner that fits comfortably in my hand so that I can use it for a long period of time without my hand giving out.

Now the fall is also a great time to plant trees, shrubs and bulbs, as well as divide perennials, as a viewer in Maryland reminds us. You'll need a sharp shovel for this and I really like one with an oversized step because it protects the arch of your foot.