Black Corn And White Pumpkin Door Hanging

Allen has reduced the idea of fall decorating down to black and white. Here�s a creative way you can create your own autumn door hanging.

Nothing says autumn to me like corn and pumpkins. And during a recent visit to Earthbound Farms I noticed that they were growing some magnificent black corn, which inspired me to put together an interesting door hanging using black corn and white pumpkins. I think the contrast is striking!

Now, the way you get started is to take a coat hanger, remove the cardboard bar and bend the hanger into a hook shape. You will use this later to hang the arrangement on a door.

First make your form or base out of corn tassels. From six corn stalks remove the tops with the tassels. Take the tassels and create two bundles of three. Wire the bundles together so that the tassels hang at either end. Once the tassels are bound the size of the door hanging is established.

Next, attach ears of corn to the corn tassel base with wire. I've found that assembly is easier if you leave a bit of the stalk on the ears of corn. Pierce the end of the stalk, run wire through it and tie the ear to the corn tassel base. Once the ears of corn are in place attach the coat hanger to the back by simply hooking it through some of the wire used to bind the corn tassels.

For a finishing touch, add the small pumpkins. It's great when you can get them on the vine. It makes it easier to cluster the pumpkins together.

Well, there you have it, a festive autumn door hanging. You know, there's so much diversity and beauty in nature - black corn and white pumpkins!