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Virtual Makeover

Here is your chance to receive a Virtual Makeover. Send in an exterior photo of your house and yard and if selected your home could end up on my television show, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home. From my design studio, I will demonstrate ways you can turn your home into a Garden Home and then share these ideas on my show.

Receiving a Virtual Makeover for your home is now as easy as counting to two! Just follow these two simple steps to submit your information.

Step 1: Take Some Photos

Front View

Left View

Right View
  • We need at least 1 crisp, clear image of your home.
    • We absolutely need a photo of the front of your home.
    • For more options, you can also send us two images of the left and right sides of your house.
  • The images need to be big.
  • The file size needs to be less than 3MB. (how do I know?)
  • Accepted file types are gif, jpg, png, tif, bmp. (how do I know?)
  • Images that contain personal property (i.e. cars, trucks, boats) will not be selected for a virtual makeover.

Upload your images

Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:



Disclaimer: Submitting photos does not guarantee use of or entitle submitter a virtual makeover by P. Allen Smith or any of his companies. Once submitted, your entry will become the property of Hortus, Ltd. If your photo(s) is selected you consent to the publication of your entry, your name and hometown being used on the World Wide Web, in print, or on television, or anywhere else, in perpetuity. By submitting photos you agree that any pictures you do submit shall be deemed the sole property of P. Allen Smith Gardens and Hortus, Ltd. and you hereby transfer and assign all rights with respect thereto, including, without limitation, copyright, to Hortus, Ltd.

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